Call for applications – 2023


It is commonplace to say that biodiversity is close to the sixth extinction, that the oceans, forests and soils are threatened! Every day, living conditions are getting worse! So that the living – associating the mineral, vegetable, animal and human world – has reached a breaking point whose domino consequences risk being uncontrollable.

Humans certainly have the power to destroy ecosystems and their living beings, but they depend on them to eat, heal, marvel, learn…

The living in all its forms is to (re)know them, its intrinsic values, its pangs and its beauties.

The living in all its forms are relations of equitable cohabitation with other living beings, a transformation of modes of domination and exploitation.

The living in all its forms are complex exchanges between all living beings, their environments and their communities.

The living in all its forms is the human face of current social, economic and political issues including climate change, the migration of peoples, the relationship of indigenous peoples with “Mother Earth”…  (Christiane Gagnon, 2023)

The contribution of photography to this collective reflection on the living is undeniable.

Be part of this special moment that will allow you to put images on the outcome of an essential global and territorial change.

It is now time to send us your photo reports for the 14th edition of Zoom Photo Festival. You have until March 5, 2023 midnight (Quebec time) to send us your files. Your file:

– 15 numbered photographs in the desired order of publication.

– A word/txt document. which must contain the following information:
Your contact information: Last name, first name, full address, country, email and phone.
Facebook and Instagram loginA short biography (in French or English) 75 words.
A short description of your project (in French or English) 150 words.
The 15 captions of your images (in French or English).

Here is the link to submit your file:

Thank you all for contributing through your photographic documentaries to the festival’s success