Carré Rouge

Photographer : Jacques Nadeau

Location : Zone portuaire de Chicoutimi

Few news photographers supply daily current affairs images that stand out like those of Jacques Nadeau.  Newspapers that appreciate the finesse of his work are even rarer.  As a reader, we develop a taste for quality.

During the student protests in Quebec known as the ‘Printemps Érable’, Nadeau didn’t wait for the situation to degenerate before capturing the inventiveness of the protesters.  He was there for the audacious « maNUfestations» a nude protest; he was there for the ‘burial of universally accessible education’, the ‘Rite of spring’ concert, the first rumblings of demonstrations, and so on.

A photo that reflects a frank account of current affairs as seen by the photographer and us, tells a complete story.  The image can stand alone in a book or, better yet, within the frame of an exhibit.

Text by:  Marc-Yvan Poitras, Art history teacher

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