A paler shade of nature

Photographer : Vincent Munier

Location : Galerie d’art La Corniche

Born in 1976, Vincent Munier lives in the Vosges, his homeland, and collects a permanent contact of the secrets and savagery of the wilderness. Positively influenced by his father, he chose photography to express his dreams, emotions and encounters. After his success at various prestigious contests such as the « BBC wildlife photographer of the year, » he decided to devote himself entirely to photography. Vincent is now considered one of the best wildlife photographers. His images have been exhibited in more than 35 countries and are the subject of numerous publications.

By nature, I am sensitive to mist and ice… Amazed by the immense hibernal cloak : white is fascinating to me. It’s not a color, but the sum of all colors. It does not cast a veil over the world, but creates a new world in itself. With the occasional accent of wildlife in places where we least expect it. This exhibition is an invitation to discover privileged moments, some taken near my home, atop the summit of the ancient mountainous Vosges and others during my recent travels around the boreal circle. In both cases, the initial objective is the same : put myself in the animal’s place for a better understanding and on how to approach them, to better understand their emotions and reactions in the most extreme circumstances. To perfect these images, I went looking for the storm. The storm found me. On the island of Hokkaido with the cranes and swans; in the Scandinavian tundra with the musk oxen ; in the vast Canadian plains home to the majestic Snowy Owl… The storm is an eraser which removes the unnecessary and leaves the essential. It seems as if nothing remains, and then off in the distance an aloof beast, the rare animal stands. Every gust becomes a lesson in humility and respect for these beings who brave these elements naturally…

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