Call for Applications – Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay 2017

Zoom Photo Festival is looking for different photographic reports and topics for its eight edition to be held in Saguenay from October 18  to November 12.

This international call for applications is open to professional photographers and photojournalists of all nationalities. There is no theme. To participate, please send your application using the form bellow before 5 march 2017.

Send us in a file or folder : 

  • your contact information
  • a small bio (in french or english)
  • a short description of your subject (in french or english)
  • 25 photos
  • 1500 pixels width or height
  • captions are optional but welcomed (in french or english)

All text will need to be available in both French and English if we select your application.

Please note that this call is different from the Human Nature photo contest. This Call for Application is only open to professionals.  If you are an amateur or professional photographer and have worked around our contest theme, we invite you to participate in the Human Nature photo contest. More information on the Human Nature contest page.

Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay, international meeting of photojournalism was born in 2010. This first Canadian festival dedicated to photojournalism was established by the International Group Photo and La Pulperie de Chicoutimi, Musée du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, from a concept by photographer Michel Tremblay.

International Photo Media Group (IPGM) is a non-profit organization (NPO) whose mandate is to promote photography. To do this, IPGM offers various products to reach professionals, amateurs, and enthusiasts of photography.

  • Explain your subject. If you are selected, you will need to provide a short description of your subject in English and French.
  • If you are selected, we will need you to provide a short biography in English and French.
  • Will you need our help to translate your title, description, bio and caption in French and English? This will not influence our choice.
  • All Files must be put in a single zip file.

    For the application, your photographs must have a height or width of 1500 pixels, resolution must be 72 DPI in jpg format. For exemple, a photo in landscape orientation will have a dimension of 1500 px by 1000 px.

    The file name must be identified as follows: LastName_firstName_01.jpeg.

    The photographer should be the sole owner of copyright material. Proposed application must contain a minimum of 25 photographs.

    Accepted file types: zip.

L’édition 2016 de Zoom Photo festival Saguenay est terminée

L’édition 2016 de Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay est terminée.

À nos partenaires, aux photographes, aux bénévoles, à tous ceux et celles qui ont participé aux activités du festival et qui ont visité nos expositions.

À tous un immense merci.

Nous sommes déjà à préparer la 8e édition de Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay qui aura lieu du 18 octobre au 12 novembre 2017.

Surveillez nos réseaux sociaux qui vous informeront sur les dates d’appel de dossiers et sur les prochains reportages diffusés sur « Wide View », un nouvel outil de publication de Zoom Photo Festival qui présente un regard inédit sur des sujets contemporains mis en images par des photojournalistes d’ici et d’ailleurs.

À très bientôt

Michel Tremblay