World Press Photo 2012

Location : Pulperie de Chicoutimi / Musée régional

World Press Photo is known as being the largest and most prestigious annual world press photography contest. The winning photographs are assembled into a traveling exhibition and travel to more than 100 cities in 40 countries. Only four North American destination cities were chosen in 2012 and Saguenay is proud to be one of them. This year’s edition includes more than 160 photographs divided into 10 topics, including sports, nature and world news.

The Pulperie de Chicoutimi/Regional museum is proud to present the World Press Photo international exhibition under the Saguenay Zoom Photo Festival.

Fatima al-Qaws cradles her son Zayed (18), who is suffering from the effects of tear gas after participating in a street demonstration, in Sanaa, Yemen, on 15 October. Ongoing protests against the 33-year-long regime of authoritarian President Ali Abdullah Saleh escalated that day. Witnesses said that thousands marched down Zubairy Street, a main city thoroughfare, and were fired on when they reached a government checkpoint near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some demonstrators retreated, while the others who moved forward were fired on again. At least 12 people were killed and some 30 injured. Ms Qaws—who was herself involved in resistance to the regime—found her son after a second visit to look for him, among the wounded at a mosque that was being used as a temporary field hospital. Zayed remained in a coma for two days after the incident. He was injured on two further occasions, as demonstrations continued. On 23 November, President Saleh flew to Saudi Arabia, and signed an agreement transferring power to his deputy, Abdurabu Mansur Hadi. Saleh’s rule ended formally when Hadi was sworn in as president, following an election, on February 25th 2012.

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