Bernard Brault « London Olympics »

Photographer : Bernard Brault Location : Place du Royaume he president of the international Olympic committee, Jacques Rogge, praised the London Olympics as joyous and glorious. As for myself, following the coverage of my 10th Olympic games since 1994, I had once again an extraordinary experience. The organization and the sites […]

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Anthropographia « Human rights »

Location : Hall de la salle François Brassard CEGEP de Jonquière, Pavillon Gérard-Arquin During the last weekend of July 2012, Tina Ahrens, co-founder of emphasis, James Estrin, founder of the New York Times lens blog and Matthieu Rytz, founder of AnthropoGraphia reviewed the submissions sent in by an impressive group of candidates. […]

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Agence Stock Photo « 25 years of History »

Location : Hangar de la Zone portuaire de Chicoutimi Agence Stock Photo Exhibition : 25 years of history is presented with a series of twelve photographs which have come into the collectives’ path and bear witness to a quarter of a century of reporting where the great social movements and simple […]

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2011 Magazine

Revisit Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay 2011 through his magazine. Inside, photos and all the details on the exhibitions of the second edition of the festival. Zoom Photo Festival Magazine 2011