Winner of the 2013 edition of The Man and the Environment contest

"Prabaranna, Ramu, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh"
“Prabaranna, Ramu, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh”

Groupe Photo Média International and the Centre for Sustainable Development are pleased to announce the winner of the fourth edition of the photography contest The Man and the Environment organized by Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay, International Meeting of Photojournalism. The theme, Man and the Environment, proposes a look at the way Man, in the largest sense of the word, can be influenced by his environment, that is to say by the conditions, both natural and cultural, that make up the frame of his life and that are susceptible to have an impact on him.

The selection committee comprised of photographers Carolina Hayeur (Agence Stock Photo), Paul Chiasson (Canadian Press), Jacques Boissinot (Canadian Press), Jacques Nadeau (Le Devoir), Éric Côté (freelance photographer), Amélie Ferland-Dufresne (Director communications and programming, Centre for Sustainable Development) and Aude Crispel (Web developer, Centre for Sustainable Development) have chosen the story of french photographer Claudio Cambon.


Bangladesh is a country of immense cultural diversity, as evidenced by its many religious festivals. These allow people to discover the long history of different ethnic, religious and linguistic communities that make up this country too often depicted as poor and afflicted by disasters. These cultural groups have influenced each other and often borrowed from one another for centuries, if not thousands of years. The coexistence of these different groups and their convergence provide proof of a social fabric finely developed and of an interleaving now threatened by the deplorable growth of communalism.

"Charak Puja, Shivbari, Srimangal, Bangladesh"
“Charak Puja, Shivbari, Srimangal, Bangladesh”

I wanted to document these festivities, not only in order to enhance their already known aspects, but also in order to highlight their forgotten and endangered aspects.

"Buri Goalini, Sathkhira, Bangladesh"
“Buri Goalini, Sathkhira, Bangladesh”

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