Anthropographia « Human rights »

Location : Hall de la salle François Brassard CEGEP de Jonquière, Pavillon Gérard-Arquin

During the last weekend of July 2012, Tina Ahrens, co-founder of emphasis, James Estrin, founder of the New York Times lens blog and Matthieu Rytz, founder of AnthropoGraphia reviewed the submissions sent in by an impressive group of candidates. This team carefully narrowed down the entries to 12 photo-essays and 6 multimedia projects. From these, an outstanding photo-essay and a superlative multimedia project were chosen to receive this year’s award. Two honorary mentions were also selected.

AnthropoGraphia is committed to promoting human rights throughout the world, through visual storytelling of the highest caliber. We recognize the power of photography to raise awareness, and we reject distinctions between photojournalism and the arts, which allows for a variety of approaches in documentary representation.

We seek to raise awareness of human rights issues, which the traditional media all too often marginalize. We also strive to encourage non-Western and emerging photographers by promoting them alongside the world’s most renowned photographers.

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