The Wave

I sought to translate visually something about the geopolitical divides at the source of this crisis. I kept going back to this vision of small people making their way through vast landscapes that are not their own. An image of ordinary people carrying their small bags, floating in a rubber dinghy, people who are waiting here and there, calling home on their cellphones, as ethereal as a cellphone signal themselves, and without ever arriving at a true destination.

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Roger Lemoyne

Since the early 1990’s, Roger LeMoyne has been documenting the human condition in more than 40 countries worldwide. He is the recipient of many major awards including the World Press Photo, a Canada Council grant, CALQ grant, the Michener-Deacon fellowship and others. His book “Détails Obscurs” was published in 2005. He lives in Montreal with his wife and their two young children.