Run & Drive

This current long-term project spreads across the US, Mexico and Central America. These pictures tell the story of the lives of Central American drivers who earn a living travelling North to buy used cars, in order to resell them back at home. In order to face the dangers and obstacles of these journeys, which have become a part of their daily lives, they, like other migrants, use their support network and must be adaptive and resourceful. The stories of these men and few women emptying our “northern garbage” and giving it a second life in the south are quite telling of the ambiguous nature of North-South relations and question the meaning of borders.

Hubert Hayaud

I am a French freelance photographer and film editor based in Montreal. Inspired by both classical and contemporary visual storytelling, I chose to work on long-term projects. I prefer to stay away from hot news topics and tend to explore subjects that interest me personally, and explore our sense of belonging. My photographs have appeared in various publications, notably Le Monde, Le Devoir, LFI, Visão, Géo and Libération.