Pleasure places

At the crossroads of Paris wooded areas, these South- American born prostitute women, often transvestites, represent one of the most despicable faces of modern slavery. These people were soon confronted with questions about their womanhood in a man’s body and prostitution is a way of making a life; an apartment, sometimes children, a boyfriend, and a regular, almost normal schedule. To these sheds or trucks that they see as their “office” on the edge of the rich Parisian neighborhoods, they show some affect, proving their quest for a normal daily life.

Elodie Chrisment

Born in 1985, Elodie Chrisment is a French Photographer and Architect. She studied photography, cinema and landscape at l’École d’Architecture de Versailles. Her main professional interests join with a social and documentary approach, a kind of Informal Architecture. From Rio de Janeiro’s favelas to the Three Gorges’ dam in Chongqing, she illustrates a chaotic process, imaging the violence of urban action and its consequences: demolitions, slums, forced migrations… She captures the simple, obvious beauty of a violent and extreme landscape.