Our league, our country

The passion of the photographer Johany Jutras led her to embark on a project that seemed a little crazy initially: travel across Canada by car to visit the nine cities hosting a team from a Canadian Football League (CFL). Her adventure has taken her from Montreal to Vancouver. In 80 days, she has travelled more than 10,000 km by car, besides taking 20 planes and trains, in order to cover the most possible games during the season. This odyssey has enabled her to capture, through her lens, the passion of a country for football. The result: a unique book, “Our league, Our country.” A work in which the fervor of fans and players is only matched by the power of pictures.

Johany Jutras

Johany Jutras began getting serious about photography in 2011. Looking to capture human emotions and intensity, she turned her lenses toward sports, finding those qualities in abundance. She recently did a self- funded, cross-country trip across Canada documenting the Canadian Football League. She turned this experience into a successful book titled “Our League, Our Country.” Johany is currently the Toronto Argonauts team photographer and a travelling photographer for the CFL. A native of Drummondville, Quebec, she now divides her time living and working in Toronto and Montreal.