Through the act of photography, I try to account for my life and my vision of this world. My choice of themes such as women, sex, homosexuality and the night is unconscious, instinctive. Through “here and now” events, I try to bring out hidden or misunderstood things and way of life.

I wish the viewer would reflect on the reality of what he sees, becoming an actor by embracing a tiny part of my life. I try to push the viewer to see what is happening around him and question his very own self.

My photographs are born out of chance encounters created by my wandering during these endless nights and days. They are born through those who share my life.

Alice Boutten

Alice was born in 1990, in the city of Lille, Northern France. She graduated with a “Certificat d’aptitude professionnelle” (CAP) and a BA in photography. She landed in Quebec in 2012 and discovered “la Gaspésie”, a haven she won’t leave anytime soon.

Beginning in her teen years, she spends a lot of her time photographing her daily activities, be it marked by joy, fear, desire, ecstasy or alertness.