The nenets, nomads on the edge of the sedentary world

The Nenets people have resisted sedentism for centuries. The reindeer herding nomads are the last guardians of a territory coveted by the gas industries.

Between the Arctic Circle and the Kara Sea, 40,000 Nenets live in a 770 000 km2 white desert. Only 8,000 of them are still nomads.

In appearance, nomadic lifestyle seems not to have change a lot. But their relationship with the Russian Federation has slowly evolved. The subsoil of the territory holds more than 90% of Russia’s gas. Infrastructures and gas-producing cities have progressively defaced the Tundra. To negotiate the rights of way, the gas industries spend millions for the construction of housing, clinics and schools.

The villages have welcomed a lot of new settled nomads. Children play a major role in those familial decisions of sedentism. They attend school (free of charge) in villages and are back with their parents for only 3 months of summer.

Fabrice Dimier

Winner of the photojournalism contest HUMAN NATURE, organized by Groupe Photo Média International, La Maison du développement durable, Euréko and Camtec Photo.

Paris based photojournalist, Fabrice Dimier preferentially raises his gaze on social themes, and questions, place of humans in contemporary society. He likes to take his time to treat themes in depth, with a documentary and journalistic approach. His work is regularly exhibited and published in the international press.

Distinctions : DAYS JAPAN International Photojournalism Award 2nd, Performances Awards HPA/UNESCO, International Photography Awards Honourable Mention, Best Foreign Photographer for India Award.