Hutterites of Manitoba

The Hutterites, an Anabaptism denomination whose roots trace back to 16th century Europe, have survived until today by maintaining an insular doctrine. They reside on colonies spread out across Western Canada and the Northwestern United States where goods are shared, hard work is paramount and faith is central. Even the layout of the colony places the church in the middle. Tim Smith has been documenting the Hutterites of Manitoba for seven years. His work focuses on what it means to be Hutterite and how colonies define themselves within the context of an ever creeping outside world. The images aim to push back against romantic simplifications and ignorant stereotypes of Hutterite life and show the complexities of a vibrant and varied society, made up of hundreds of distinct colonies.

Tim Smith

Tim Smith lives with his family in Brandon, Manitoba, the heart of the Canadian Prairies, where he works as a full-time photographer, producing work for a variety of editorial clients and documenting the Prairies’ experience. He’s won several awards with the National Press Photographers Association and News Photographers Association of Canada and has been featured in several local and international publications.