Paris’s Les Nuits Photographiques

The 4th issue of Les Nuits Photographiques will take place in Le Pavillon Carré de Baudouin, Paris 20th district, from 12 June to 2 August 2014. For photography, screen time, wall space or the turning pages of a book, are all dimensions and surfaces that can be used to experiment […]

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Photographers websites of the 2013 edition

Caroline Hayeur Sarah Caron Nadia Benchallal Ami Vitale Benedicte Kurzen Lizzie Sadin Alexandra Boulat Ann Christine Woehrl Maggie Steber François Pesant Nicolas Lévesque & Christian Lamontagne (Kahem) Jacques Nadeau Renaud Philippe Édouard Plante- Fréchette Valérian Mazataud […]

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Posters Zoom Photo Festival 2013


Master class : production of photographic multimedia

Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay, meeting international photojournalism offers a workshop for a period of three days (1, 2, 3 November) on the production of photographic multimedia. The workshop will focus on the theoretical aspect of multimedia. Starting with an introduction of the history of the multimedia format, we look at […]

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